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Slideshow Pages

Picture slideshow pages are one of our latest features.   Add a slide show to your website.  We can create a slideshow that is  big or small, it can be re-sized dynamically and can even go full screen! You can optinally move the screen by dragging the title bar or resize by dragging the handle on the lower right. You can upload mp3 files to provide a music background to your slideshow.

This is new and we are continuing to evolve the player and package.   (Note - this still doesn't work very well on Internet Explorer but I'm working on that detail.)

Note: You must own the rights to publish the image or music content.  For example, you are not permitted to upload (share) music content from your private music collection.

This is the big snowstorm we had in Colorado just before Christmas 2006!  Enjoy! 

Music: Sovereign Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 2.0"

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